30 March 2014

Drake & Rihanna Get Cozy In London

Drake and Rihanna -- or as they are now collectively known, AubRih --- were spotted holding hands in the backseat of an SUV Thursday night (Mar. 27) after leaving a London nightclub. The couple reportedly had dinner together at Asian restaurant Novikov before heading to the Tramp club. After rumors swirled about their possible quickie in Manchester, this is the first image of the two looking like the item they are said to be.

Rihanna and Drake hold hands

(Photo) Davido Shows Off New Nose Piercing

Singer Davido continues to add more bling to his body.

The Aye crooner flaunted his latest nose piercing in an Instagram photo with the caption, “Young nigga move that dope!!”

Check him out below!

Fullscreen capture 3292014 72835 AM

(Video) Beyonce Cries ‘Ugly’ As She Wraps Up ‘The Mrs Carter Show’ In Portugal

Beyonce ended her Mrs Carter Show in Lisbon - Portugal, and did it in an emotional style.

“I want a [spotlight]. I want them to see me,” she said, addressing the fans in Lisbon. “If you all don’t know, tonight makes 132 shows. Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show. We started a year ago and I want to say this has been such a journey. In the past year, we’ve been through so much together.”

(Video) 2Face - Dance In The Rain

12 March 2014

(Photos) Nicki Minaj shows off hot bikini body in Mexico.

Nicki took the photos while on holiday in Mexico and shared them on her instagram page. 
See more photos below:-

(Photos) Kituo kipya cha Radio masafa ya 93.7 kuleta ushindani kwa radio za Dar hivi karibuni.

93.7 ni masafa ya kituo kipya kabisa cha radio jijini Dar es Salaam ambacho kinatarajiwa kuanza kurusha matangazo yake hivi karibuni. Kituo hicho (hapo juu) kinachomilikiwa na kampuni ya E-Masters (kampuni inayomiliki kumbi za Maisha Club), kipo maeneo ya Kawe Beach na tayari studio zake zimekamilika tayari kwa kuanza matangazo. 

Tazama picha zaidi hapo chini (Picha kutoka DJCHOKAMUSIC.COM)

10 March 2014

(Video) Rick Ross, Kanye West & Big Sean Perform “Sanctified” On Arsenio Hall

Eto'o poses like an old man to make fun of age falsification story

After scoring a goal against Spurs, Chelsea footballer Samuel Eto'o celebrated the goal by posing as an old man, (pictured above) making fun of recent reports that he's closer to 40 than the 32 he's claiming. He also showed that he bears no hard feelings to his coach Jose Mourinho who was caught on camera saying he believes the Cameroonian striker is 35 and not 32.

"I didn’t suggest the celebration but I knew about it. We thought it was good because the best way to defuse the situation is to make fun of it." Jose Mourinho said of the pose.
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